Bee’s photoshoot with SABC!

Vanessa’s photoshoot with SABC!

GLAMOUR gives tips to train like Vanessa

SABC 1 Campaign-13950Train like a boxer:  Vanessa’s workout plan as per Rushda Mallick, GLAMOUR (March 2016)

In order to prepare for her role as a boxer in JAB, Vanessa Ntlapo trained
with professional boxer and personal trainer, Rushda Mallick.

“Man was it hard,” says Vanessa. “The first two weeks were brutal, as I wasn’t

Vanessa training with Rushda

used to that amount of training. I cried because it was so intense. I trained six days a week at involved everything you can imagine: running, weights, boxing, shadow boxing, sparring in a ring, sledge hammer, pushups etc. I trained for about two to three months before we started filming.”

As the official JAB fight choreographer, Rushda has given us a short exercise routine to get us all into fighting shape!  CLICK HERE to check it out.

Also read the full GLAMOUR interview with Vanessa HERE.

GLAMOUR SA gets in the ring with Vanessa

In the ring with Vanessa Nhlapo, GLAMOUR SA by Nandi Ndlovu (March 2016)


SABC 1 Campaign-13663Vanessa Ntlapo, the star of SABC 1’s new boxing drama JAB, reveals how she prepared for her first leading role.

GLAMOUR: How do you feel about being cast as the lead in JAB?

Vanessa: Beyond blessed! I’m happy that my first big role is on a story like this. Others have touched on it, but not to this extent. It’s a story about a young and ambitious black female, in a male-dominated sport, it’s about family, physical disability, addiction, social stereotypes, family and friendship dynamics, courage and honour. I couldn’t have asked for a better role to catapult me into the industry.  READ MORE

Also CLICK HERE to see the exercise routine Rushda shared with GLAMOUR.

Vanessa chats to Noxolo Mafu of News24

News24’s Noxolo Mafu speaks to Vanessa Ntlapo (10/03/2016):

WATCH the interview here:  “JAB is an exciting new show which explores the life of a girl boxer, aged nineteen in Langa who works her way through a troublesome and difficult life in the township . The show tackles issues of violence, discrimination all in the workings of poverty.

The show was filmed in Cape Town and boasts actors such as Mzu Ntantiso and Zingi Mtuzula by the Community Media Trust production company.

Vanessa Ntlapo takes us through all that went into making the production and the training that took place in order to prepare for the role.”


JAB Launch

BizCommunity, 24/02/2016


12/02/2016 LAUNCH: Lucilla (Director/Producer) & Vanessa (Bee)
12/02/2016 LAUNCH: Lucilla (Director/Producer) & Vanessa (Bee)

Community Media Trust (CMT) launched the SABC1 TV series, JAB, and announced the official opening of their media production company, Off the Ground Media. The launch took place at The Space Bar, Cape Town.

See More

TV REVIEW: SABC 1’s New Punchy Drama “JAB”

Tuesday, 16 February 2016
TV REVIEW: SABC 1’s New Punchy Drama “JAB” Brings a Nostalgia for “Million Dollar Baby” With a Strong Resemblance of “Home Affairs”

“JAB” is a coming-of-age SABC 1 sports drama set in the world of competitive boxing and experienced through the eyes of a young woman from Langa in the Western Cape, starring Vanessa Ntlapo and Mzu Ntantiso; directed by Lucilla Blankenberg.

In episode 1, we meet Bee (Vanessa Ntlapho) who trains at a local boxing gym. She is a petite and humble yet strong willed young woman. For years, Bee has been training on her own, without any help from anyone. Just watching what others do in the ring and copying that. She comes home to find her siblings, including her brother Mandla (Mzu Ntantiso) who lives with disability, stranded outside after getting evicted by the landlord for being behind on rent. She manages to negotiate for an extension and the landlord lets them stay longer. READ MORE

Don’t dodge the JAB

GroundUp by Barbara Maregele, 12 February 2016

A new “action-packed” drama series produced by Cape Town based production company, Community Media Trust, will be aired for the first time on SABC1 tonight.

Community Media Trust is the non-profit company that owns GroundUp.

The series called JAB follows the “coming-of-age” story of Bee Sondlo, a 19-year-old female boxer from Langa. Despite financial and social hurdles, Sondlo is determined to make it in the world of competitive women’s boxing.

The series, directed by Lucilla Blackenberg and screenwritten by Paul Ian Johnson, aims at highlighting the plight of young female competitive boxers in South Africa.

The first of 13 episodes will be aired at 8pm on Friday. Read more…

Times LIVE: “Definite contender”

Published by Times Live, written by Jadan McCullough on 12 February 2016.

So, when a gritty, uplifting, coming-of-age drama comes along, set in the world of competitive boxing and experienced through the eyes of a young black woman from Langa, you take notice.

In her first major role in South African television, self-confessed “girlie girl” Vanessa Ntlapo, 23, has transformed herself from poppie to puncher.

She underwent three months of rigorous training to play the lead character in JAB, a new drama series on SABC1.

The story follows Bee Sondlo, a teenager who takes up boxing as an escape from a life surrounded by crime, drugs and gangsterism. Read more…

JAB featured on Afternoon Express, SABC 2

JAB – Afternoon Express, SABC 2, 8 February 2016