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WATCH Episode 13, JAB (as seen on SABC 1, 6 May 2016)

Episode 13 (SABC 1, 6 May 2016): With the backing of Smiley, Conference and her old gym friends, a refreshed Bee prepares to seal her comeback with the toughest fight of her life – for the national women’s title!

Episode 12 (SABC 1, 29 April 2016): Bee’s uneasy return to the low-profile gym life of her past only underlines how distant she now is from a boxing career and the people who once helped her. With nowhere else to turn, she offers herself to Smiley as a fighter in his league but Smiley has other plans for her.

Episode 11 (SABC 1, 22 April 2016): As she helps Rushka prepare for her title fight, Bee’s overwhelmed by the growing animosity of Mandla and Gladys towards Samkelo. Acting to mediate matters with her father, Bee discovers disturbing information that sparks a family crisis that reveals the full truth of her family’s past.

Episode 10 (SABC 1, 15 April 2016): Cut loose by Lavinia, Bee is surprised to sense her father’s interest in her waning. Her mother’s surprise attempt at rehab sets her relationship with Gladys back on track – but sparks a conflict with Samkelo that threatens to set their family back to the bad old days of the past.

Episode 9 (SABC 1, 8 April 2016): Smarting from her devastating defeat to Rushka, Bee realizes Lavinia has lost interest in her and earmarked a new contender. On Samkelo’s advice, she accepts humiliating undercard money fights – but starts thinking about retirement.

Episode 8 (SABC 1, 1 April 2016): As Bee prepares for her provincial title bout as a prized member of Lavinia’s stable, her father’s support becomes a source of strength, just as – on the very day of Bee’s title fight – Gladys’s worsening problems become a source of irritation and distraction.

Episode 7 (SABC 1, 25 March 2016):  With her mother suspended from work, Bee’s impatience with Conference’s management of her career is validated by a new arrival who has been following her progress for a while: her father! Feeling increasingly sidelined, Conference forces Bee to choose: between his advice and her father’s.

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Episode 6
(SABC 1, 18 March 2016): Loyally proving herself fight after fight, Bee’s boxing life is distracted by her estrangement from her brother. As financial difficulties threaten her academic future and Conference struggles to secure the title fight she needs, Bee decides it’s time to reprioritise her life.

Episode 5 (SABC 1, 11 March 2016): After her dramatic win, Bee and Conference earn the support of a powerful women’s boxing coach, Lavinia Jacobs. Her ability to seemingly offer Bee the world is also, however, a devil’s
deal designed to pull her away from Conference.

Episode 4 (SABC 1, 4 March 2016): After her damaging participation in Smiley’s fight league, Bee resolves to win back Conference’s trust by dedication to winning a first competitive fight she still hasn’t had. However, the only fight now available could end Bee’s career before it starts.

Episode 3 (SABC1, 26 February 2016): As legal peril disrupts her life, Bee receives an unexpected offer of assistance that could make it all go away. Accepting it, however, would deepen her obligation to Smiley’s fight league and require her to break every promise she’s ever made to her coach, Conference.

Episode 2 (SABC1, 19 February 2016): Bee’s preparation for her first official fight is disrupted by Smiley’s threatening insistence that she owes him another fight in his illicit league. As she tries to extricate herself, a confrontation with corrupt court official, Sergeant, plunges her into a deeper crisis than she ever imagined.

Scene from Episode 1
Scene from Episode 1

Episode 1 (SABC1, 12 February 2016): With her family facing eviction from their home, low-profile loner boxer, Bee, makes a deal to come up with outstanding rent money in four days. Unfortunately, she has no other way to get it but to fight.