GLAMOUR gives tips to train like Vanessa

SABC 1 Campaign-13950Train like a boxer:  Vanessa’s workout plan as per Rushda Mallick, GLAMOUR (March 2016)

In order to prepare for her role as a boxer in JAB, Vanessa Ntlapo trained
with professional boxer and personal trainer, Rushda Mallick.

“Man was it hard,” says Vanessa. “The first two weeks were brutal, as I wasn’t

Vanessa training with Rushda

used to that amount of training. I cried because it was so intense. I trained six days a week at involved everything you can imagine: running, weights, boxing, shadow boxing, sparring in a ring, sledge hammer, pushups etc. I trained for about two to three months before we started filming.”

As the official JAB fight choreographer, Rushda has given us a short exercise routine to get us all into fighting shape!  CLICK HERE to check it out.

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