GLAMOUR SA gets in the ring with Vanessa

In the ring with Vanessa Nhlapo, GLAMOUR SA by Nandi Ndlovu (March 2016)


SABC 1 Campaign-13663Vanessa Ntlapo, the star of SABC 1’s new boxing drama JAB, reveals how she prepared for her first leading role.

GLAMOUR: How do you feel about being cast as the lead in JAB?

Vanessa: Beyond blessed! I’m happy that my first big role is on a story like this. Others have touched on it, but not to this extent. It’s a story about a young and ambitious black female, in a male-dominated sport, it’s about family, physical disability, addiction, social stereotypes, family and friendship dynamics, courage and honour. I couldn’t have asked for a better role to catapult me into the industry.  READ MORE

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