Lwandile (aka Junior) shares a bit more about himself

Lwandi 2

What was your experience working on JAB?

Working on JAB was great because it taught me a lot about what I need to be doing in order to be at my peak – both in work and in training. I can’t say I had any bad experiences because the JAB team ran the production so smoothly and professionally. It was great working with such a talented cast, old and new school. As a youngster in the industry you pray for a first job to be as great as this.

Tell us about your character, Junior?

Junior is the antagonist of Connie’s Gym. He’s a good kid with a great heart but he doesn’t like sharing the spotlight, especially not with Bee.  She unintentionally makes him feel threatened so he chooses to put her down.

What was it like working with Lucilla and Laddie? IMG_5868

They make a quality team as directors. Cilla helped me paint the picture and kept reminding me I wasn’t really Junior which I needed at times and Laddie is really good at bouncing ideas off of and triggering something different in everyone.

What have you learnt from this experience?
I’ve learnt how tough it is for women to get respected and treated equally, in and outside the gym. Men need to put up a bigger fight against the abuse of womLwandien.

Did you come into the character of Junior with that 6-pack?
I’ve been training and staying fit for as long as I can remember, so Junior and I have that, amongst other things, in common. Boxing training took me to the next level.

You were/are also a rugby player.  (Do you still play rugby?)  How did you go from Rugby to Acting? 

I played a lot of sports at school and represented W.P. at rugby and athletics before spending 2 years with the Blue Bulls after school.  I got into acting when I walked into an agency office by mistake. Besides my role as Santa Clause in a Gr 2 play and then as Eugene the nerd in Grease (Gr 5), I have had no acting experience.IMG_6133


Having said all of that, the JAB team is world class, Paul Ian Johnson, Lucilla Blankenberg and Laddie Bosch … the list is endless, thank you.