Q&A with Vanessa Ntlapo

Q: What was your experience working on JAB?

A: OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Working with such an amazing & talented cast & production team pushed me to constantly give it my all & as hard working as all of them are, they are just as hilarious! I have never had this much fun on a set. I hardly felt those long hours & I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Q: Tell us about your character?

A: Goodness, where do I start? Bee Sondlo is strong willed, determined, fearless for the most part & she’s loyal. In fact she is loyal to a fault. She does not take no as answer! The thing I love most about her is that she has such great belief in herself & she absolutely adores her family & would do anything for them including fighting their battles for them. She is so young that in her journey of figuring out herself & life, she makes wrong decisions that are fuelled with wanting to help her family & friends & wanting to make a success of her life.

Q: What was it like working with the directors?

A: There is really nothing better than working with directors who want to see you succeed & who are willing to help you transform into your character in order to get that perfect shot! It was inspiring to see them work as a unit & to see how they feed off each other. They are all different & have very different personalities but somehow they manage to bring it home & lead the entire cast to the finish line.

Q: What have you learnt from this experience?

A: Besides learning how to box & actually falling in love with the sport, I have really grown as an artist. I have learned discipline, patience & appreciation for the arts. Most importantly I have learned that there really is nothing that I can’t do. With hard work, dedication & a great team, I can do it! Oh & I discovered that I can actually wake up at 4AM in the morning & totally be okay with it! I love my sleep.

Q: What was your most memorable moment, event or feeling working on JAB?

A: There are just way too many moments to just pick one, from accidently punching my fellow cast members during a take to the conversations we shared during our lunch breaks & of course being surprised on my birthday with cupcakes & gifts & being able to celebrate with everyone there. But the one that I can think of right now is when my on screen family & I were having somewhat of a serious family meeting in the lounge but none of us could keep a straight face. We just couldn’t stop laughing! Good luck to the editor in finding parts that he/she can use for that scene!